What is new?

The most comprehensive innovations at our company can be found in the German journals:

August 2022:

A high performance loudspeaker with less or more bass:
Auditorium Monitor alone or
complemented by the bass with Auditorium Sub or
complemented by the huge bass with Auditorium Sub XL
or complemented with two Auditorium Sub XL on and below the Monitor.

The Briedenverlag allows us to distribute any number of annual subscriptions for approx. 25 HiFi/home cinema/home movies/vacancy-magazines (only German language). For this purpose, the voucher code testslesen22 should be entered in https://www.hifitest.de/allyoucanread in the field "Gutscheincode". After entering your data, you will receive an invoice for 0 EUR and can then activate your access by email - Have fun!.

June 2022:

We offer drivers from Purify-Audio with very small distortions

May 2022:

High-quality pole terminals made of pure copper from Mundorf

April 2022:

Mundorf U-series Air Motion Transformers are now available either without a frame or with a frame (-c or -R)

December 2021:

Do you love turntables and have you wanted to test the equalizer for your turntable for a long time? Then we have a professional tool for you: The RIAA test box.

November 2021:

Thalion Acoustik (by Marek Held) offers speakers with steeply separating crossovers like Accutop (see below). Thus the overlapping area of the drivers is smaller whereby less interference occurs. In the listening impression, the individual sound sources can be better localized.

Accuton C168-6-890

September 2021:

The new and great Accuton C168-6-890 with a 114 mm voice coil and ceramic cone is now available in several kits:

June 2021:

A slim floorstanding speaker with excellent reproduction, with beryllium dome tweeter, Seas Excel mids-woofer, side-mounted bass That is Orkla. The German journal K+T confirms: "From 25 square meters, however, I can not imagine a better full-range speaker for music in all styles."

May 2021:

Copper prices have increased enormously. Mundorf, Seas, Oberton, Viablue therefore increased the prices.

A top capacitor in the price/performance ratio of the Electrolytic capacitor, unetched. is no longer produced! Mundorf was the last supplier of this design. If you absolutely still need one of the capacitors we still have some of these capacitors in stock.

April 2021:

Coils are usually selected according to their main property: inductance. In addition, the DC resistance, the quality of the coil (simple, baked varnish, vacuum impregnated, copper foil coil) and the price play a role. This information can now be found with a selection of more than 20 coils per inductance value on our coil page.

February 2021:

Now we sell Sommer cable loudspeaker cables.

December 2020

For some time we have been selling Mundorf Heptalitze coils (7 wires) with ferrite cores in the kits. The single coils are now available from us.

November 2020

A new Wavecor full range loudspeaker is available: FR070WA05 for 70-20000 Hz

Two new Wavecor mid-bass speakers WF275BD01/02 with 4 and 8 ohms and with +/- 9mm linear excursion.

Four new Wavecor dome tweeters TW022WA07, WA08, WA09 and WA10 in small packages with 4 and 8 ohms impedance.

Mundorf presents 4 new air motion transformers of the series AMT U.Serie

SB Audience is spawned from the heavyweight manufacturing of Sinar Baja Electric Indonesia and has serviced well known brands in the PRO audio industry for decades with in house engineering and manufacturing. Now the speakers are available under the brand SB Audience

October 2020

Loudspeaker with WOLF von LANGA driver as DIY kit: WVL One with passive crossover or WVL One activ with amplifier and signal processor.

We distribute Ground Zero driver. The largest has a diameter of 81 cm and can be used in home cinema subwoofers from 16 Hz (-3 dB, without bass boost).

August 2020:

We distribute field coil drivers (loudspeakers without permanent magnet) from Wolf von Langa.

July 2020:

At the request of our customers we have now included Jantzen wax coils (copper foil coils with wax).

Our prices have been reduced due to the change in value added tax in Germany.

March 2020:

The Briedenverlag allows us to distribute any number of annual subscriptions for approx. 25 HiFi/home cinema/home movies/...-magazines (only German). For this purpose, the voucher code refabyda23 must be entered in https://www.hifitest.de/allyoucanread#code. After entering your data, you will receive an invoice for 0 EUR and can then activate your access by email - Have fun!.

From 20.03.2020 we have interesting special offers for very high-quality loudspeakers.

Februar 2020:

Markaudio Pluvia Seven got a small CHN-series Brother: Markaudio CHN 50.

January 2020:

Mundorf offers resistors of high quality: MResist ultra

October 2019:

You need electrolytic capacitors with a good price/performance ratio? New from us: jb Capacitors.

September 2019:

Our new reference floorstanding-loudspeaker: Sculptor.

August 2019:

A small speaker for the wall: Sura.

July 2019:

We now sell Duelund capacitors, which for some customers are the best capacitors in the world.

May 2019:

Were you aware that wall speakers should have a completely different radiation pattern than compact or floorstanding speakers? If you place an excellent compact loudspeaker on the wall or hang it up there, the frequency response is suboptimal,


Therefore the loudspeaker shop develops separately: a) for installation in the room and b) for the wall

One such speaker is Mirach. But this is not the only speaker for the wall: Elbe, Elbe Center, Elias X1-W182 or really powerful: Elias X2-W182 SW223, Oka, Tiber, Duero and WaveonWall 84 complement the spectrum.

These speakers can be a solution if you don't want the speaker to be in the middle of the room.

April 2019:

At https://www.bauvorschlag.de we describe our new projects in German.

December 2018:

We now offer Hypex FusionAmp plate amplifiers The modules are in stock!

September 2018:

WaveBySide 223 is a bass-reflex cabinet loudspeaker with drivers of Wavecor. The frequency response of this speaker is perfectly linear. The decay spectrum as shown in the waterfall diagram is exemplary, free of any disturbing resonance. Rating of the magazine Hobby HiFi:"The price-performance ratio is outstanding - we know ready-made speakers in the five-digit price range, which have no chance in the sound comparison."

August 2018:

Banana plugs for wire up to 30 mm˛

June 2018:

Rhône is a small floorstanding speaker with Wavecor tweeter and Wavecor midrange driver.

März 2018:

Audaphon amplifier modules with up to 1000 W and with digital signal processor.

January 2018:

Rana is a floorstanding speaker with Wavecor tweeter surrounded by two woofers.

November 2017:

Scoop 18 is a horn subwoofer with high efficiency.

October 2017:

Todo is a large, high-quality 3-way floorstanding speaker with Scan Speak chassis.

September 2017:

Omikron is a high-quality large floorstanding loudspeaker with high fidelity and high efficiency, which we offer actively or passively.

June 2017:

Facette AM is a floorstanding speaker with AMT, passive cone (passive radiator) and very good sound characteristics.

May 2017:

Zaurak Zaurak is a high-quality floorstanding speaker with high fidelity and efficiency.

April 2017:

For the 30th anniversary of Mundorf they present a compact loudspeaker with Accuton woofer and Mundorf air motion transformer (AMT): Mundorf MA 30

March 2017:

For the 20th anniversary of Lautsprechershop we offer Puri MK2 as a true bargain.

February 2017:

New Audaphon woofer with strong magnet: AC 165/50CK (square basket)

January 2017:

In addition we distribute screws for loudspeakers with torx head. Torx head screws resist cam-out better than slot head or Phillips head screws.

October 2016:

We distribute Anaview amplifier modules. Anaview is brand name of ETAL Group. Since 1968, ETAL Group has been a leading supplier of in-house developed high-performance magnetic components, primarily transformers and inductors. Together with Anaview they develop, manufacture and sell magnetic components and audio amplifiers on a world wide market.

August 2016:

We are official distributor for Celestion.

May 2016:

ClarityCaps are available with copper lattice.
overview CSA = SA with copper lattice CMR = MR and copper lattice

April 2016:

Loudspeakers with perfect performance: Wavemon 223

December 2015:

Oil paper capacitors of highest quality, made in Germany: Rike Audio. Now available with copper foil!

August 2015:

New loudspeakers are available at Mivoc: FR358N und SWM68.

July 2015:

Monacor international with new products.

June 2015:

New loudspeakers are available at Wavecor.

May 2015:

Audiomatica provides a new measurement system Clio pocket.

March 2015:

Wavecor provides mid-woofers and woofer of very high quality.

December 2014:

New loudspeakers are available at Morel.

October 2014:

Oberton professional loudspeakers could be reduced in price by 20 to 30%.

September 2014:

The specialist for stripping tools is Weicon.

August 2014:

Borowski is specialist for glass art. They have new glass sculptures.

Juli 2014:

Bfly-audio develops and produces absorbers according to their MLA-Technology (Multi Layer Adjustment).

June 2014:

Transducer lab develops and produces tweeter of high quality.

May 2014:

we have a lot of DIY kits with Mark audio fullrange loudspeakers.

August 2013:

Loudspeakers without music? Now we offer music CDs and DVDs.

June 2013:

Mundorf produces air motion transformer of high quality.

December 2012:

We offer Audiopur magnetostats (ribbons) and air motion transformers to a very good price to performance ratio.

Oil paper capacitors of highest quality, made in Germany: Rike Audio

In our cable shop we offer cables and solutions of the following brands:
WBT connector
and our bestseller

September 2012:

At Transducer Lab, the goal is to produce drivers that accurately transform the original signal to an acoustical signal with minimal alteration. now available

In addition to Audaphon polypropylen capacitors we offer Audaphon polyester capacitors.

September 2014:

Stripping tools von Weicon.

July 2012:

Mundorf offers new capacitors (the EVO series):
- EVO Oil
- EVO Silver Gold Oil

May 2012:

There are new loudspeakers from Audaphon:
- tweeters
- ribbons
- air motion transformer
- and woofer

March 2012:

The new Markaudio Fullrange speakers are available.

February 2012:

Monacor produces polypropylen and polyester capacitors.

December 2011:

We changed the design of our Web site. If you have any proposition to the appearance or our products please send us an email: peter@lautsprechershop.de

Juli 2011:

PA Chassis with special price. We start offering PA chassis for a very attractive price.

April 2011:

Jantzen capacitors are more affordable than ever.

We deliver ClarityCaps: PWA PX SA ESA MR DTAC
ClarityCaps have a very good price/performance ratio.

Mars 2011:

Many prices at Visaton are now more attractive as before; Have a look.

January 2011:

Now Selenium belongs to Harman. We offer Selenium products.

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